Graphics with Ada

Thanks to who wrote a useful categorization. He said:
I always have to wonder what people mean when they ask about "doing graphics".
Do they mean
  1. a hardware-independent set of routines to draw straight lines and ellipses
    (Examples: adaopengl , GTKada when using gdk )

  2. a graphic user interface GUI in the sense of Windows and Widgets,
    in which case a "graphic library" is a binding to the Windows or MacOS
    (Examples: GtkAda ( Win_IO ), Rapid , Claw )

  3. real-time dynamic displays as for a video game or visualization of a physical process
    (Examples: Adagraph )

  4. Pixar type photo-realistic rendering of complex scenes
    (Examples: GLOBE_3D by Gautier de Montmollin )

  5. image processing as is done by tools like e.g. photoshop or gimp.

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